It may have begun the day we got engaged. Or maybe it was a week later. Either way, in the short amount of time I’d had that pretty little rock on my finger, my mind began swirling with ideas for how I wanted our wedding day (and the days leading up to it) to look. How I wanted everything to feel. Bright. Happy. Colorful. Vibrant. These are the words and moods I wanted associated with our wedding because they were how we were feeling. The moment you get engaged is surreal. Even if you have an idea that it’s coming—I mean, I was a little suspicious of the elaborate scavenger hunt that led me to four wooden hearts each stenciled with one of the following: “Will” “you” “marry” “me!” on them—there is still nothing like seeing your future spouse down on one knee, with your hand in theirs, and a sparkling diamond awaiting your finger.

One of my favorite engagement pictures, courtesy of Strecker Images

We all laugh about the fact that he put an exclamation point instead of a question mark on the final heart. He claims the stencil didn’t have a question mark. I choose to believe he’d intended for me to find the hearts in a different order that commanded, “You will marry me!”

Incriminating hearts… There’s no capitalization, so it’s still very possible they should have been found as “you will marry me!”

So after settling on a date and a color palette (or not settling on any one particular color palette… I LOVE color.), I set off to design our invitations, programs, signage, thank you notes, and every other paper thing I could think of for our wedding. They’d all be “bright, happy, colorful, and vibrant.” It might as well have been wedding’s motto.

  • Save the Dates
  • Invitations
  • RSVP Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Table Numbers
  • Reserved Seating Signs
  • Guestbook Signs
  • Schedule of Events Sign
  • Menu Signs
  • Thank You Notes